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Medium caster series

Wheel material: PVC/PP
Size: 3-5 inch Diameter
Function Style: Swivel/Brake/Rigid
Fitting Type: Plate/stem
Brand: OEM/ODM
SurfaceTreatment: Galvanized plating/ Black electrophoresis

Technical Information:

● Bracket material:ordinary cold plate, galvanized surface.

● Wheel material: PVC material, shock-absorbing and silent, wear-resistant single bearing, not to hurt the floor, flexible rotation.

● Scope of application: It is mainly used in refrigerator cabinets, cold cabinets, flat cars, shelves, and industrial mobile equipment.

Specification of Medium-sized PVC caster



Service guarantee

Quality assurance
7X15 hour customer service
Application Scenarios

Refrigerator cabinets
Cold cabinets
Flat cars
Industrial mobile equipment